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individual cabins

Individual Cabins

Immerse yourself in a serene environment designed to enhance focus and productivity, providing the ideal setting for undisturbed study sessions.

Individual Locker

Store all your valuable belongings securely with individual lockers at our facility, offering peace of mind and convenience during your study or work sessions.


Hi-Speed Wi-Fi

Stay connected seamlessly with our high-speed Wi-Fi, ensuring a smooth online experience for research, collaboration, online exams and academic pursuits.

discussion room

Discussion Rooms

Facilitating collaborative learning and knowledge exchange, we provide dedicated Discussion Rooms to enhance your study experience which are thoughtfully designed.

power backup

24Hrs Power Supply

Enjoy uninterrupted study sessions with our reliable 24/7 power supply, providing continuous energy to support your academic endeavors day and night.


Experience the perfect blend of ergonomics and comfort at our modern workstations with individual power sockets, crafted to enhance your study or work hours with utmost ease.

pleasant interior

Pleasant Interiors

Indulge yourself in a conducive learning environment surrounded by the pleasant interiors of Deepa’s Reading Room, enhancing your study experience.


Print, Xerox & Scanning

Access convenient printing, Xerox, and scanning services within Deepa’s Reading Rooms, ensuring all your academic needs are met efficiently.

CC cameras

Security (CC Cameras)

Rest assured with the security provided through CC (closed-circuit) cameras, ensure a safe and monitored environment for focused study and work.


Affordable Prices

We believe in making quality education spaces accessible to all. Benefit from our budget-friendly options, ensuring that excellence in learning doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.
locations banner

Multiple Locations

We serve at multiple locations 24/7, offering you the flexibility to choose at the place of your comfort. Our varied options cater to every preference of your choice.



Stay energized with a variety of snacks available at some of our reading rooms along with mineral water, ensuring you can focus on your academic pursuits with sustained vitality.

Deepa's Reading Room cabins


Your well-being is our top priority. We go beyond providing an enriching environment by ensuring impeccable hygiene services, including well-maintained washrooms.


Mineral Water

Committed to providing a comfortable and rejuvenating experience, we offer access to high-quality mineral water for all patrons. Stay hydrated throughout your study sessions.


Parking Facility

Our well-managed parking area is designed to accommodate the vehicles of our patrons, providing a hassle-free experience as you embark on your educational journey.